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Welcome to Po'Nutrition Fax! This blog is about alcohol - it has nothing to do with health or wellness, and the only relationship between this and Edgar Allen Poe is that he was an alcoholic.

I used to work in a liquor store and developed a taste for all different types of booze. As my collection grew, I felt the need to share my knowledge of, interest in, and experiences with my purchases - from the standards (e.g. whisk(e)y, gin) to the less-than-standard (e.g. kirschwasser, raki). You'll also find a lot on beer (another love of mine).

This is not about how much I can drink nor do I promote over-excess of alcohol. As with most blogs, there is some self-reflection included with most of the reviews. The point is to encourage everyone to reflect on what they drink.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Blog Direction

This blog has gone through a few different format changes. The first was an attempt to actually post the Po' Nutrition Fax but that wasn't engaging enough. The second format change was to (basically) a series of complaints - Andy Rooney style. I occasionally attempted application of economic theory (because I was in graduate school for, you guessed it, economics at the time), however, I don't think I applied the theory very well. It was maybe a case of blog envy. Tom, who I attended grad school with, applied statistical theory very well in his baseball blog whereas I was "half-assing" it. You can still read some of my old posts, I probably won't get rid of all of them.

I haven't posted on Po' Nutrition Fax for quite sometime and with good reason: I don't want to be Andy Rooney anymore. Although there are a lot of things to hate, I can only complain so much.

Therefore I have decided to end this blog's current format and change its direction entirely (again). Instead of complaining, I'm going to write about the booze I drink.

As you can see from the pictures below I have a lot of alcohol in my apartment:

Drink cart - this needs to find a new spot in our apartment

Wine and beer rack. Hard cider on floor, brandies and scotches in decanters on the credenza

The reason why there is so much is due to my love of alcohol. This is not me taking the first step of twelve steps. I don't drink to feel good about myself or any of the other reasons one will resort to alcohol. I am not trying to make light of a serious problem (alcoholism runs in my family so the specter looms) but I am making the point that I don't have all of this liquor, wine, and beer just to get drunk. If I did have a problem there would not even be that much in the house (since I would have drank it all) nor would I be blogging about it. In fact I have all of this because I worked for a few years at a wine and liquor store where I developed a taste for "finer" things. My motto became "Life is too short to drink cheap." So not only do I buy a variety of great whiskies and other standard bar items, like this delicious gin:

But I also I buy non-standard bottles, like this Turkish Raki (an anise-flavored spirit):

However, these bottles pile up. Not only is the occasion to drink Raki or Framboise a rare occurrence but sometimes I'll almost be out of scotch and feel it necessary to buy a new bottle. When that new bottle gets low, I'll be in a bourbon mood so I'll buy bourbon. So I'll have two nearly-empty bottles of scotch and a new bourbon. And so on, and so on...

This "new" blog will put all of that liquor to good use and give me something creative to do - write about something that I love.

Therefore I will write about these bottles I already have, as well as the new things I try and all of the interesting and delicious beers I drink. I will largely ignore wine. Although I do enjoy a fine bottle of wine, there are enough wine blogs out there. In addition, I can't write as well about wine as those people do. Basically those people love wine, I just like it. This is not to say I wouldn't occasionally write about a really good bottle but it will not be the focus of the blog.

I will not just write about how these things taste, but talk about the history, chemistry, cultural significance or whatever else is interesting about whatever it is I am drinking. I may just tell you about my day and why I felt it was necessary to pour myself a snifter of Kirschwasser. Whatever it is, I hope to show you why I love to drink what I drink.

It is too early in the morning for me to begin writing a post about a specific bottle but I will probably have a dram or snifter of something this evening and will make sure to let you know what I think about it.

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