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Friday, December 2, 2011


Winston Churchill - old man and Drambuie drinker

Occasionally, I feel like an old man (even though I'm only 29). Friday nights are a good reason why. When most people head off to "Happy Hours" after they leave work and plan on enjoying the first night of the weekend "out on the town," I look forward to going home... and staying there.

To further illustrate my "old-man-ness," I chose to enjoy a snifter of Drambuie on this particular Friday while I watched some hockey. A couple of years ago, I swore to drink only Drambuie between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the New Year (not to be taken literally - I drank a lot of water too). I don't believe I had ever had Drambuie before that so I have no reason why I chose it, I'm guessing I just felt the need to make some sort of absurd "holiday" goal. Therefore I bought a liter of Drambuie and, for the most part, stuck to my plan - not every bar decides to stock Drambuie so I didn't always have the option to drink it. Nevertheless, I have to admit I learned to really like it. However, I also realized that most Drambuie drinkers have a lot more grey hair than I do.

For those who are unfamiliar with Drambuie, it is a malt whisky-based liqueur/cordial flavored with honey, herbs, and spices. It is very sweet, but also very strong (92 proof). Liqueurs/cordials are alcoholic drinks that are sweetened and flavored - however, they are not like flavored vodkas/gins/brandies or "schnapps." These other flavored items are not sweetened but their flavoring makes them seem "sweet." In addition, I put schnapps in quotation marks because what most think of as schnapps (an overly sweet, low-proof mixer) is not a true schnapps, which are really non-grape based brandies (i.e. Kirschwasser). Regardless, Drambuie is best as an after-dinner drink or with dessert (since it is so sweet).

Anise, mint, and clove along with the smokiness from the malt are the strongest aromas but you'll get a lot of honey too when you taste it. I'm not sure if Drambuie is made from whisky and these various flavoring agents anymore - it may just be a neutral spirit with chemical flavors and coloring agents added (it would not surprise me if this was confirmed) but it still stands, in my mind, as a great drink.

When Friday night comes and you just want to go home, don't feel guilty - but on your way there, pick up a bottle of Drambuie, some cigars and come hang out with Winston and I. Of course, I really mean hang out "in spirit" because not only is Sir Churchill dead but I will be at my own home... and if it's after 11 P.M. I may already be asleep.

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