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I used to work in a liquor store and developed a taste for all different types of booze. As my collection grew, I felt the need to share my knowledge of, interest in, and experiences with my purchases - from the standards (e.g. whisk(e)y, gin) to the less-than-standard (e.g. kirschwasser, raki). You'll also find a lot on beer (another love of mine).

This is not about how much I can drink nor do I promote over-excess of alcohol. As with most blogs, there is some self-reflection included with most of the reviews. The point is to encourage everyone to reflect on what they drink.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Wasmund's Single-Malt Whisky

I've been thinking chiefly about this bottle since I started writing about what I drink. As I noted in that first post, I've got a lot of almost-empty bottles on my drink cart. A common misconception about liquor is that once the bottle is open it will not spoil. While true that it won't "spoil" like milk once opened it will still oxidize. Albeit it is not as noticeable in liquor as it is with wine but it still happens. This is especially noticeable if you have something that was barrel-aged (e.g. brandy, whiskey): there will be accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. If not immediately noticeable, give the bottle a quick swirl and your booze becomes slightly turbid. As you watch this cyclone of your slowly dying liquor spin in the center of your last few sips, you'll probably say to yourself "This is too much for one sitting but I can't let my *drink of choice* die like this!" As General MacArthur said "Liquors don't die, they fade away"... or something like that.

So what to do? John Hansell, the editor of Malt Advocate, suggests discussing how to preserve the last few drops of whisk(e)y amongst friends... over the last few drops of whisk(e)y:

"Just drink it, asshole"

While I agree and I have friends that enjoy whisk(e)y, it's not like I can call them up last-minute and invite them over to finish a bottle of whisk(e)y. In addition, my girlfriend isn't a daily-drinker like this guy*, nor is she much of a whisk(e)y drinker for that matter, so following this sage advise isn't possible. Therefore, my only choice is to wait until the right occasion to finish it myself - like sitting alone in my apartment on a Friday night! Tonight is the night to kill my Wasmund's Single-Malt Whisky.

No, I did not spell "whisky" incorrectly here. This American whisky is made in the Scottish tradition of single-malt whiskies (so it is spelled as the Scots spell it). It is malted barley that is smoked, not over peat, but Apple and Cherry woods. It has that nutty and smoky flavor of a traditional single-malt but the fruit woods add a distinctly "American" flavor to it - and by "American" I mean innovative/different, not "fruity." Be forewarned, it is only aged for four months so it has some heat to it, but it's not excessively harsh. Added bonus: it's relatively cheap for a single-malt (usually retails for $30-35).

Plus the distiller comes from my hometown.

*I stole this daily-drinker joke from this dude I used to work with... it's a great joke, credit is due!

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