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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Over-priced, Assembly-Line Drinking

"Our bullshit inflates the price of your drink! Mazel Tov!"

On a recent night-out with my girlfriend, we happened to stop by a new hipster bar in town.  It was packed with ironic mustaches, bowties, and over-priced drinks.

To be fair, the food menu looks pretty good.  I think one should pay for good quality consumables (e.g. food, drink) so I don't mean to be too disparaging of the bar itself - just most of its clientele.  In addition, the drinks menu is impressive; I hope that someday I can be as knowledgeable in drink-mixing as whomever it was that created this menu.  However, I don't like ordering drinks from a menu - if I wanted to order a menu drink, I could do that at T.G.I. Fridays or Applebee's.

When I ordered my drink on this particular night, I felt like I was ordering a drink in the same way one orders a burger from McDonald's: the bartender knew the components to mix together and slung my drink at me without a thought.  On to the next drink.

"I'm sorry, bartender - what did you just make me?  Can you tell me more about the Rye you just put in my drink?  How about the Gin?  Why did you use that one?"

Opportunities to ask these questions did not arise, nor did I feel I could even ask them.  Again, to be fair, it was late on a Saturday night and it was wall-to-wall hipsters, demanding their "unique" drinks, so I don't want to be too hard on the bar-staff there.  Why am I complaining?  If I order a classic drink (i.e. Gin and Tonic, Scotch and Soda) I can do so without much fuss because I can specify what brand of spirit I'd like and I know what I'm getting.  However, if you are going to craft a new cocktail with a multitude of unexpected items, I want to know a bit more.  And that's where my complaints about the clientele come in - do they even know what they are ordering or are they doing it just to be "unique?"  If so, is the bar serving this mindless group?  Furthermore, if they are only serving this clientele, would they even be able to answer the questions I posed earlier?  As you can probably tell, I take my alcohol seriously - I just hope they do the same.

Perhaps I should stop there on a Tuesday night (when it's not as busy) and ask the bartender to explain my drink as (s)he concocts it before me.  I'll just have to do it before the hipsters get there.

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