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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao: Grand Apple

 As you may know by now (if you are actually following this blog), I am a "booze dork."

If you are uncertain of what a "booze dork" is, then let me draw a parallel for you: a Trekkie.

Perhaps most of you think of someone like this when you think of Trekkies.  At one point in my life, I would've thought the same thing and mocked this person too.  One may think of a Trekkie as someone who perhaps knows too much about this cultural phenomenon and is overzealous in sharing said knowledge when most don't care to hear it.  Some Trekkies also don't really get how others don't find this cultural phenomenon as exciting and interesting as they do.  I am not mocking Trekkies because I have friends who are Trekkies and I do like some of the movies.  To put you Trekkies at ease with a bit of self-deprecation, here is a picture of me doing (pretty much) the same thing as this guy:

I too find a cultural phenomenon endlessly fascinating and can't help but share everything I know about it, even when most don't care to hear it - however, my cultural phenomenon of interest is alcohol.  Trekkies out there may roll their eyes at this comparison - everyone drinks while not everyone watches Star Trek.  While this is true, I too get mocked or ignored for my over-zealousness when it comes to booze.  I've experienced the "polite nod" and "eye-glaze" while telling someone the differences between the various types of whiski(e)s.  To be fair, maybe their eyes are "glazing" because they are drinking but generally when I make this point on the first drink, this is the reaction I get anyway. 

Unfortunately, I cannot think of a catchy title like "Trekkie" for myself (or my kind) without making me sound like a lush.  The Trekkies will always have that cultural advantage - a title to coalesce around!

To illustrate my booze dorkiness, I read this article in the New York Times about a new "mixer" from Pierre Ferrand called Dry Curaçao.  I waited for months and when I finally saw it at the store, there was definitely an "excited" noise made by my mouth as I picked up the bottle:

A fine mix of booze, booze, and orange peels

While it is labeled as a Triple Sec, it is not the Triple Sec most think of (a low-proof, clear, orange-flavored spirit) but rather similar to Grand Marnier (basically a brandy that was aged with orange peels).  There are other spices added but basically, with the prominence of orange and vanilla, it has a taste and aroma similar to a Creamsicle.

It is delicious on its own and would be great on ice as an after-dinner drink, but I wanted to mix it with something.  Still looking for things to mix with Calvados, I opted to try this drink called the Grand Apple.

The Grand Apple is:

2:1:1 - Calvados: Cognac: Grand Marnier
Stir together and serve over ice.

I had Armagnac instead of cognac and this Dry Curaçao instead of Grand Marnier, but these are fine substitutes.  The drink was maybe a bit stronger than I needed it to be, especially for a Thursday night, but I maybe made myself too much to begin with (a total of 4 ounces of booze).  The orange and apple flavors blend together very well in the drink and the other spice notes of the Dry Curaçao reminds me of a mulled cider.  While this drink is cold, this is not a very fitting summertime drink since it is so strong/heavy and has "cold weather" flavors.  Nevertheless, it is a delicious drink and I was excited to have the opportunity to try the Dry Curaçao. Since it is summer, I will mix it with lemonade instead of more booze (like I did in the Grand Apple).  I made iced Mandarin Orange Spiced Tea and mixed that with lemonade last summer with some delicious results so maybe this will be a good way to make a "hard" lemonade?

So while most of you probably will never get Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao and you may be rolling your eyes and mocking my love of booze, I can only close by saying one thing: Live Long and Prosper.