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Welcome to Po'Nutrition Fax! This blog is about alcohol - it has nothing to do with health or wellness, and the only relationship between this and Edgar Allen Poe is that he was an alcoholic.

I used to work in a liquor store and developed a taste for all different types of booze. As my collection grew, I felt the need to share my knowledge of, interest in, and experiences with my purchases - from the standards (e.g. whisk(e)y, gin) to the less-than-standard (e.g. kirschwasser, raki). You'll also find a lot on beer (another love of mine).

This is not about how much I can drink nor do I promote over-excess of alcohol. As with most blogs, there is some self-reflection included with most of the reviews. The point is to encourage everyone to reflect on what they drink.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In the header of this blog, I state that this blog has nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe.  In keeping with that statement, I must also say this post has nothing to do with Poe's very famous "The Cask of Amontillado" poem.

Sometimes, a Google Image search delivers exactly the thing one is looking for
I've always enjoyed sherry - Amontillado specifically.  Much like port, it is a fortified wine - basically, brandy is added to the wine to keep it from "spoiling."  However the difference (technically, one of many differences) between sherry and port is when the brandy is added: during the fermentation process for port and after fermentation for sherry.  Therefore sherry is generally drier than port (it can be sweetened post-fermentation).

This is why I prefer sherry to port - unlike port, I don't have to have something sweet every time I want a fortified wine.

I realize the previous sentence makes it seem as though I often face this issue, this fortified-wine dilemma.  I really don't.  In fact, I've only recently started drinking sherry regularly.  However, I face another type of  problem, one concerning "image."

When one thinks of sherry drinkers, they probably think of these assholes:

"We suck - Lavern & Shirley was arguably a better spin-off.  Where's Eddie?" 
I'm sure the producers of this show thought long and hard about what drink these two would drink and sherry provided the perfect "foil" to the beer their father drank.  Fair enough.  Time to move on.  Here's why:

1.  Do you like single-malt scotch?  Is Macallan one of your favorites? Guess what that scotch is aged in? Used sherry casks.  Drink more sherry, they'll be more used-casks available, price of this and other sherry-aged scotches will come down. Boom.

2.  Feel heavy/bloated after drinking a few beers?  One serving of sherry - 60 calories.  Boom.

3.  It's basically hard liquor mixed with wine.  Find yourself wasting too much time drinking both hard liquor and wine - switch to sherry.  Boom.

4.  Look at reason #2 again: night cap.  Boom.

I can go on.  Maybe I could even list 99 total reasons but I don't have time (refer to reason #3).

Therefore I suggest you start drinking more sherry - because it's awesome.  Start with Amontillado as it is middle-of-the-road (not too dry but not too-sweet) and go drier (e.g. Fino, Manzanilla) or sweeter (e.g. Oloroso, Pedro Ximinez) depending on your own preferences.

Whatever you have, you'll be sure to enjoy it... then you can tell Frasier exactly what he can do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.  

They will not be calling again:

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