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Welcome to Po'Nutrition Fax! This blog is about alcohol - it has nothing to do with health or wellness, and the only relationship between this and Edgar Allen Poe is that he was an alcoholic.

I used to work in a liquor store and developed a taste for all different types of booze. As my collection grew, I felt the need to share my knowledge of, interest in, and experiences with my purchases - from the standards (e.g. whisk(e)y, gin) to the less-than-standard (e.g. kirschwasser, raki). You'll also find a lot on beer (another love of mine).

This is not about how much I can drink nor do I promote over-excess of alcohol. As with most blogs, there is some self-reflection included with most of the reviews. The point is to encourage everyone to reflect on what they drink.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Double Your Fun - Two Posts in One Day!

As you can see in the Po' Nutrition Fax "About Me" space on the far right-hand side, I say "I enjoy writing so I've decided to blog in order to have an excuse to write and thus to be creative. This is what I do."  Po' Nutrition Fax has been a chance for me to pursue my interest in writing professionally and it seems as though some are interested in what I have to say.  In other words, I was published... twice... in one day:

Once with the New York Cork Report.

The other on the Buffalo Whiskey Guild.

I wrote the entire article for the New York Cork Report and I contributed on the review for the Buffalo Whiskey Guild.

Getting published once is cool but twice in one day is even cooler.  Things that come in twos are great.  Here are some other examples:

Very useful
Also very useful
The Two-Man Rule for Launching Nuclear Missiles normally gets little praise
Kid N' Play - enough said
Thanks to everyone who reads Po' Nutrition Fax on a regular basis.  I'll just have to make sure to write more often!

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