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Friday, September 27, 2013

Russell's Reserve Rye

Jimmy Russell signed it - to me.  Boom.
I don't know if I've said this before, but I love rye.

I've been watching a lot of Hell on Wheels lately, and they drink a lot of whiskey on that show.  I was finishing the second season this evening (on Netflix) and felt the urge to drink some rye whiskey.  I've mentioned a few things about rye whiskey previously so I won't say much more about what straight rye is and how it isn't Canadian Whisky - except to make that very important distinction.

I hadn't had rye in awhile but I remembered I had this bottle stored away.  I recently moved so all of my bottles are neatly packed away.  They are compartmentalized into their own spot in the box I moved them in, easily accessible and waiting to be consumed.

I had been holding on to this rye since late 2008 when I met Jimmy Russell (the Master Distiller at Wild Turkey).  He signed this bottle and I could never quite bring myself to open it.  However, whisk(e)y is distilled for one purpose: to drink it.  Perhaps it was the recent move that inspired me too: purging my old ways, taking chances.

Or I was getting sick of drinking so much kirschwasser and scotch.

Nevertheless, I should share my experience of this rye with you.

It is aged six years but it is definitely better than some other six-year ryes I've had.  The nose has delicious aromas of honey, dried figs, and star anise.  The palate is much earthy though: tobacco, leather, with hints of peanut and figs.  It is a very rich six-year whiskey and I can definitely see myself drinking this again.

There has been an explosion in straight rye whiskey the last few years but Wild Turkey has had a 101 proof rye on the market for years.  Jimmy Russell knows how to make a good rye and this whiskey is a fine example of a rich and complex rye - for not a ton of money either.

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