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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Great Lakes Distillery Kinnickinnic Whiskey

"Schlemeel, Schlemazel, Hasenpfeffer incorporated..."

I want to move to Milwaukee.

I swung through Milwaukee a few years ago.  I was on my way to a wedding in Madison, WI so I flew into Milwaukee, WI where a few friends picked me up before we drove on to Madison.  I don't like flying so I had few drinks during my excursion so when I was picked up at the airport, my wild weekend of wedding fun was well under way!

We decided to check out a bit of Milwaukee's nightlife before heading to Madison, so we went to the Old German Beer Hall.  In true Bavarian style, I proceeded to have a liter of beer (despite my not needing it), a lot of brats, and a giant pretzel.  We then walked around a bit, checked out the river, and headed off to Madison.  Come to think of it, I didn't see much of Milwaukee.  Sure it's the most segregated city in the United States (which is not cool), but it's a city on the Great Lakes and has a beer-themed baseball team.

And now I've discovered another great thing about Milwaukee - they have a distillery that blends a great whiskey.
Bernie says "Milwaukee is awesome - now we have whiskey! Go Brewers!"

Great Lakes Distillery's Kinnickinnic Whiskey is an unfiltered blend of a bourbon (produced in Kentucky, not by Great Lakes Distillery) and rye and malt whiskies made "in house."  On the nose it has notes of candied orange peel, leather, pepper, grass, and opens up with some banana and peanut butter with a bit of aeration.  Yet the nose is a bit misleading, as far as the flavors are concerned, as the earthier flavors are much more prevalent when one sips this whiskey.  Tobacco, leather, pepper, oak hit your tongue first fading into notes of orange peel and banana in a long, dry finish.

It also goes well paired with these cookies!

For its price point (>$40 US for a 750ml bottle) it is definitively worth the price.  Yeah it's pricier than some other American whiskies, especially some blends, but it is really great.  I'd definitely purchase this whiskey again.

Maybe directly from the distillery - when I move to Milwaukee.

I'm going to do it my way, yes, my way... making my dreams come true, for me and you!

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