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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pure Kentucky XO

How can you spell the name of your own state wrong?

You may remember my previous post about KBD bourbons and my interest in trying a few. Pure Kentucky XO was on that short list so I opted for this one this time around.

In the small print on the back label, you can see it's aged for at least 12 years before it is blended and bottled. Since it's called "XO" then it's probably aged for at least ten years, because XO brandies are aged at least ten years. You may also notice the spelling error just above it. If you didn't, I graciously underlined it in the picture above.

However, make sure to read the back label of this bourbon if you decide to buy it! Some of the other bottles had a different label, missing both the spelling error and "age statement."

First thing to note about this bourbon is its proof: 107. Water this one down before drinking otherwise it's too hot and the alcohol is overwhelming on both the nose and palate. This must be a high-rye bourbon because it's very peppery, with a hint of citrus. It also has aromas of sugar-sweetened nuts, reminiscent of a pecan praline.

Initially, I wasn't very impressed, but that's before I watered it down (probably around 90 proof). With my second tasting tonight, I'm getting to know this bourbon a bit more. Is it the best one I've had? No, but it's still pretty good.

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