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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Quadruple Scotch Tasting

So many scotches, so little time
In September, my friend's mother traveled to Scotland and promised to bring back a bottle of scotch for me. She couldn't decide what to bring back, so she brought back four different bottles for me.

This was one of the greatest gifts I ever received.

As one can see in the picture, the four are Auchentoshan 12YR, Tomintoul 14YR, Edradour 10YR, and Bowmore 18YR. Here are my reviews of these four whiskies:

Auchentoshan 12YR - A very light-bodied, dry, lightly-peated scotch. Not a lot of character but easily drinkable.

Tomintoul 14YR - honey, biscuits, and floral notes on the nose. Same on the palate entry, with a slightly herbal and smoky end. Those years of aging over their 10YR really make a difference.

Edradour 10YR - the most impressive of the bunch. Toffee and pepper on the nose and slightly herbal/vegetal. Has a wonderful nutty, salty caramel flavor with medicinal notes and a long, herbal finish. An excellent scotch!

Bowmore 18YR - pretty dark, and "sticky" sweet - caramel coloring? Pepper, brine, iodine, leather, and honey on the nose. Opening is sweet, "nose" in the center, wood smoke on the end.

It was a nice range of scotches to try. All from different regions and each one pretty representative of its regional style, too.

Also, if you find the Edradour 10YR, get it.

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